Transferring VBA Text to Word Document

  • Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if there was any way to copy and paste/export the VBA text in the editor to a word document all while keeping the color notations. Haven’t been able to transfer this text over without the color going away. Thank you!

  • @Dave-Cavallaro-Jr.

    sorry, but neither underlying component nor notepad++ do support it at the moment.
    I’m not aware that there is any plugin which has such functionality.


  • NppExport comes with Notepad++. This plugin can export to HTML or RTF, or copy these formats to the clipboard. You can also select the text, right click, select Plugin Commands, Copy Text with Syntax Highlighting.

  • Hi Dave, Claudia, dail and All,

    Yeh, the dail’s solution is the right one ! After selecting your text, you may, either, use the menu option Plugins - NppExport - Copy all formats to clipboard

    However, I noticed that if the selected text contains any link, you get an Unknown exception message, when running this command :-((

    So, I would advice you to disable, temporary, the clickable links. On the right top corner of the panel Settings - Preferences… - MISC, just uncheck the Enable option, in the Clickable Link Settings area !

    Best Regards,


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