Folding in main/sub-categorys without closing term

  • Hi all!

    I’ll give the example first:


    [for my code ‘+++’ equals ‘***’ - if that matters. the preview here blocked it, thats why i didn’t put it in]
    [the numbers are 1 to 4 decimals, 0-9]

    I want:
    ‘%AAA’ and ‘%BBB’ to be main folding categorys
    ‘(+++)’ to be sub-folding categorys.

    So the first Folding should start at ‘%AAA1111’ and end right before ‘%AAA2222’ starts - folding ‘code1’ down.

    Second Folding starting at ‘%AAA2222’ folding down everything up to ‘%BBB1111’ [including: (+++); code2_section1; (+++); code2_section2]

    Third Folding starting at ‘%BBB1111’ ending at code-end - folding ‘code3’ down.

    Each ‘(+++)’ is the start of a new Folding within a Main fold. It’s supposed to end right before a new ‘(+++)’ or before a upcoming ‘%AAA’ / ‘%BBB’

    The way i have it set up now the first ‘%AAA1111’ folds down everything and the ‘(+++)’ dont get recognized.
    There is no definite close-syntax i can use besides the point that (given these 2 categorys) a new fold should start.
    Is it possible to set this up?
    Also: Is the ‘***’-syntax screwing me? (that i could change would be a huge pain though - can’t change the ‘%AAA’ / ‘%BBB’ part)

    Thanks for reading - feel free to ask if i didnt explain it well enough.


  • I’m still around - and have not been abled to figure it out myself. So any help is much appreciated.

    Or did i pick the wrong forum to ask this in? Whatever it is, just dont leave me hanging - i willing to learn and correct my previously made mistakes :D

  • @Nuc1eaR

    sorry, but afaik udls folding doesn’t work in a hierarchic (as a treeview) way.


  • Aww…thats too bad - thank you Claudia!

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