How to supress <br> balise in a subtitle file ?

  • Hi
    I have an issue with a subtitle that I retrieve for the web. Anyway I watch a korean drama with french sub because I’m french and I can’t understand korean language (obviously) I pick my subtitle on the website viki thanks to my web browser (google chrome) by doing a right click and inspect element by doing so I have saved the subtitle file. But my problem is that when I want to open it I have some html langage <br> in every sentences it’s very unconfortable to watch an episode with incrusted sub with br in every sentences.
    How can I remove those with Notepad ++ ? I already tried to disable the option in the text FX menu /textfx settings /autoconvert type html xml to entites and it doesn’t work at all
    Can I have some help please ?
    Thank to all of you who will answer or try to help me fix my problem

  • @Marianne-Morice

    what about normal search and replace?


  • Ok thanks for the advice ;) but how do I do that ? And by what word or expression should I replace it with ?

  • I imagine you’d replace it with nothing at all.

  • I think she’s been contemplating that for 2 months. ;)

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