Text paragraph (re)formatting (and justification): how do it?

  • Many years ago I used a lot MultiEdit, which had a very convenient feature for paragraph reformatting, where at the press of key combination it reformatted the paragraph of text for line breaking at the right limit you set (say at column 80), and following the indentation at the beginning of paragraph.
    That’s very useful when editing long plain text, or long comments.

    Is there anything like that in a plug-in?
    The setting for Preferences/Editing/Vertical Edge is just visual?

  • Yes, the vertical edge is just a visual cue.

    If you only care about seeing long lines on the screen (as opposed to actually inserting newlines into the file), you can turn on the word wrap feature: View->Word wrap.

  • @Jim-Dailey oh well, I actually wanted to reformat text while typing, not just having the visual word wrap (that anyway fits line continuation to window’s width).
    Let’s see if anyone’s eager to add these features in a plug-in, I don’t think I’d have time to write one myself right now :)

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