Column Mode Paste Problem

  • Hi all,

    Notepad++ is great for mashing text, and I use it to quickly build batch rename files. The column mode editing is great, but I must be tripping over my feet in someway I’m not spotting.

    I generate a directory with dir /b > rn.bat, then edit in Notepad++. I add some quotes and a ren command, duplicate the filename on each line, and finally edit that duplicate filename to my liking. This short video describes it better than I’ve done above.

    In that last step where I attempt to paste in the column mode selected text, it does not do a column mode paste. The weird part is that if I quit Notepad++ and come back to it, it might just work. It will work for long spans of time, then get in a mood where it does not work. If I’ve done something differently between when it works and does not, I cannot figure out what.

    Word Wrap is turned off, and I should have plenty of line width such that it wouldn’t want to wrap anyhow. Can anyone see or guess what I’m doing here?


  • I started using ReNamer for such operations several years ago.

  • Thanks for that. I would, however, like to solve the general problem I’m having.

  • @Jon-Oliver

    the video indicates that after selecting and copying the text to clipboard
    npp leaves the column edit mode before pasting it.
    It looks like once this happens it is reproducible otherwise you couldn’t record the video I guess.
    Maybe you could do the following to try to nail it down.
    Record a macro, the last steps of your action (starting selecting the text, copy, move to the location and paste it) and save it.
    Once it happens again, record another macro with the same steps and save it.
    Macros get stored in shortcuts.xml and then you are able to compare the results.
    Maybe this gives a hint what happened.


  • Interesting idea–thanks. How can you tell that it “leaves the column edit mode” before pasting? Just by the fact that the paste goes awry, or is there some status indicator?

  • @Jon-Oliver

    sorry for late response.

    Just by the fact that the paste goes awry

    Yes, but maybe I should have used the verb “suggests”.


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