Need help with a Case Problem

  • I am trying to write code for the following instructions:
    create a style rule to set the width of each div element of the row class to 100% of its container, displaying the row only when it’s clear of floated content on both margins.

    this is the code I’ve written, could someone tell me if I am heading in the right direction

    div.row {
    width: 100%;
    clear: both;

  • @Fredrick-Bass

    the first thing you should note is that this is a notepad++ and
    not a whatever development language forum.
    Also this is the case, we are not taking this to serious but to
    make it easier for one to help you, you should consider to give as
    much informations as possible. Question which comes instantly in to my mind
    when reading your post is something like - what programming language is he using??

    Do you agree?


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