How do you remove a dark theme

  • I’ve been a user for years and just today my N++ has magically switched to a dark theme (i.e. within Doc Switcher, Editor Pane and Search pane - not the app itself). TBH, there is a chance that I accidentally hit some config setting but googling I can’t find a quick answer other than spending hours changing my Style Config settings.

    Can anyone tell me how I did this and how to undo it?

  • Hello Conor Duffy,

    Very easy, indeed !

    • Start Notepad++

    • Select the menu option Settings - Style Configurator…

    • On the drop-down list, at top of the Style Configurator window, choose the Default (stylers.xml) theme

    • Click on the Save & Close button, at bottom of the window

    => Your text should be displayed, with black foreground colour and white background colour :-))

    Best Regards,


  • Ah, it was very much hiding in plain sight. Thanks guy038!!

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