where to put spell-checker dictionary

  • I have spell-checker installed and I think I have the correct relative path to aspell-15.dll configured. I’ve also downloaded a dictionary but I’m not clear on where to put it. I can show a screenshot of the popup I’m getting but I don’t know how to attach a screenshot here.

  • I’m unable to obtain a proper onedrive link to my screenshots here (problem with onedrive), so I’ll provide the info from the popup in text form:

    The popup I’m seeing says “GNU Aspell and/or dictionaries are missing. Download installation files here: http//aspell.net/win32”
    “If Aspell is already installed, do correction of relative path to aspell-15.dll and restart”

    The path displayed in the popup is…
    C:/Program Files (x86)/Aspell/bin/aspell-15.dll

    Seems either there is something Aspell doesn’t like about the format of the dll path itself OR the dictionaries just are not where Aspell expects. Where does Aspell expect them to be?

    I’ve tried putting them in C:/Program Files (x86)/Aspell/bin/ and in C:/Program Files (x86)/Aspell/. Could it be that C:/Program Files (x86)/Aspell/bin/ needs to be in the Windows path System Variable?

  • @Phil-Richcreek

    Did you see guy038’s info about this here?


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