How to copy output of Treeview - specifically JSToolNpp JSON Viewer output window

  • I get a masterful output from the JSToolNpp JSON Viewer window of my JSON Schema - really great stuff!

    Now though, I want to share that schema output with the world…

    Without a screenshot, how can that be extracted, in ascii?

    Seems it should be possible but I cannot determine a way.

    Thanks for a great tool!

  • @Kenneth-Ish

    I don’t know this plugin, maybe you wanna ask for that feature request here?


  • Thanks for searching that up!

    Being the display is in the Treeview window (and I may be wrong about the name of that output window) I consciously chose to ask here instead of there.

    This is the same window that outputs other views ie File Explorer.

    Titled Window Manager in this image: Screenshot 34.jpg

    This is the left hand pane that commonly opens up under certain plugins.

    If this is some kind of restriction that the plugin writer has disallowed, I am wrong about my analysis - but I don’t think so as no plugin seems to allow that…

  • @Kenneth-Ish

    No, even if the plugin reuses an npp internal window, which I doubt it is doing, it would be the task of the plugin to provide such feature.
    There are plenty of plugins which allow that the content they show can be copied. E.g. HTML preview, python script, lua script, nppexec …


  • Thanks for the help Claudia - I will follow up on that.

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