Restoring text from a crash?

  • Hello,

    Today, I opened one of the saved .txt files I dedicate to my writing. I usually delete the text that’s previously saved and add in that day’s writing. Well, while I had a game running in the background while writing, it gave me an error. Sensing a crash before it could happen, I pressed the save button, which it did go through, and when I closed and re-opened notepad to make sure, my new text was indeed saved in the pre-existing document.

    However, when the problem with my game forced me into an improper shutdown, I booted my PC back up only to click back on notepad++ and see that my file reverted back to it’s previous version — the text I deleted before the new returned and the new was gone. This is absurd because I saved it before the computer locked up! Hours of work and thousands of words, gone…

    I checked my backup folder in the AppData folder, yet it was empty. Is there some way to restore today’s text, or am I doomed and have to start all over…?

  • @Magnus-Blade

    this sounds really strange and doesn’t make sense unless you use some backup software which reverted everything.
    If the file was saved it won’t change it content while rebooting. Are you sure you worked on the file you are thinking?
    Maybe you do the same as I do and use an USB to backup files and accidentally edited the backed up file instead the original one?


  • @Claudia-Frank Yes, I’m absolutely positive it’s the same file I worked on. I have about 4-5 tabs open in notepad; each for separate things I write. Neither of the other tabs have my lost text in them. As for the USB, I don’t use one for back up, though for situations like this, it looks like I may have to start doing that, hah… But yeah, I don’t have any backups I’ve created myself. Just that I figured with the crash, notepad would put my unsaved text in the backup folder, but seems like it didn’t.

    But from what I can tell, my text is lost and there’s no way of getting it back, so looks like I have to suck up the lost and start over. =(

    Regardless, thank you.

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