Display Column-numbers in csv-Datei

  • Hello community,

    is there a way to display column-numbers in respect of the delimiter of a csv- or somhow separated txt-file?

    We often deal with huge csv-files (40+ columns), so it is sometimes helpful to know, in which column the cursor stands.

    Thanks for your time and suggestions!

    Kind regards

  • @Michael-Bernhardt

    not quite sure if I understand this correctly but how do you load the file?
    Does it already has been reformatted or is just the plain text file like


    and you want to have something like

    1;   2;   3;   4;...


    If so, no, afaik there isn’t a built in feature - I could come up with a python script but this
    would change the document by adding the numbers on top of the file. Don’t know it this is desired.



  • @Claudia-Frank

    Thank you for your quick response.

    Changing the file is not really intended. Furthermore the additional line would scroll out of sight, when moving downwards in the file. I don’t know if i can freeze the top-line in notepad++.

    What i’d like to achieve would be a ruler at the top of the window (like the tabulator display in MS-Word), where i can see the field-separator-positions and so the number of the column i am in.

  • One additional comment:

    Since the lines can have different layouts, number of fields and also fieldwidth, the ruler would have to adapt to the setup of the line the cursor is in.

    If the file consists of header, detail and footer records, it could look like:

    H;Col1 ;Col2 ;Col3

  • @Michael-Bernhardt

    a python script could, temporarily, write a descriptive ruler as first line and keep it always visible.
    It could reformat the doc to have it more columnized or …

    Or it could overwrite a statusbar section. E.g the DOCTYPE section, the leftmost section on the bottom to show the current column
    or it could use npps second view to display it.

    If you are willing to install python script plugin I could try to write a script which does what you want.
    If so, please let me know what exactly should be done.


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