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  • Hello , i need Your Help :)

    i have an CSV with this and many more text insert . . .

    7.25483,51.62969,“Fix51207|Blitzer Fest 50km/h|Richtung Datteln…”
    8.93011,53.02911,“Fix2975|Blitzer Fest ?km/h|km 104.5 in Rtg. Hamburg,…”
    8.91267,53.03653,“Fix31|Blitzer Fest ?km/h|km 106 in Rtg. Osnabrück,…”

    I will the "Fix51207| and "Fix2975| and and and replace it only with "

    Please help me :)


  • @Sven-Watzlaw

    so you have this

    7.25483,51.62969,"Fix51207|Blitzer Fest 50km/h|Richtung Datteln…"
    8.93011,53.02911,"Fix2975|Blitzer Fest ?km/h|km 104.5 in Rtg. Hamburg,…"
    8.91267,53.03653,"Fix31|Blitzer Fest ?km/h|km 106 in Rtg. Osnabrück,…"

    and you want to have that

    7.25483,51.62969,"Blitzer Fest 50km/h|Richtung Datteln…"
    8.93011,53.02911,"Blitzer Fest ?km/h|km 104.5 in Rtg. Hamburg,…"
    8.91267,53.03653,"Blitzer Fest ?km/h|km 106 in Rtg. Osnabrück,…"


    If so, use replace dialog.
    Make sure that Regular expression has been selected in search mode.
    Find what shoudl contain


    leave replace with empty
    press replace all -> Done.

    Fix\d+| means looking for a string FIX followed by as much digits as possible followed by the pipe symbol.


  • Thx Claudia ,

    thats correct .

    Many Thanx :)

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