How can I fixate the view for the top-x rows? (like Excel - Freeze panes)

  • I have a file with headers, with 200+ rows of date under that.
    How can I fixate the view, so row 1-10 are always visible, even if I scroll down to rownumber 200+?
    (Like you can do with Freeze panes in Microsoft Excel)

  • I have a work-around:

    • Clone the view
    • Right-click the separator and click rotate right
    • Move the separator up (or down) until the upper view only shows the headers
    • You can scroll in the lower view, still seeing the header in de top view

    Disadvantage: A big gray separator between the header and the data.

  • That workaround is so nice I wouldn’t call it a workaround, I’d say: “that’s how you do it”!

  • A small disadvantage is, that it doesn’t work as simple as for example Microsoft Excel. In Excel it’s one step: Select the row, or cell, and activate Frees Panes. The work-around involves 5 steps, I didn’t mention the synchronize horizontal scrolling.
    I would like to select a row, right-click and freeze above, or freeze under. (or insert a small narrow separator)

    The big disadvantage is that big gray separator. It’s not nice, and it’s sometimes hard to see where a header is pointing to.
    (See example:

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