Docking Position for dialog window

  • Anyone have the same issue I am having?

    The code I am using is below and the window remains docked to the right side of the window no matter how I change the value… NppTbMsg.DWS_DF_CONT_LEFT or NppTbMsg.DWS_DF_CONT_TOP
    for example and the window still stays docked to the right-hand side. Is there a better way of doing this? I simply want a window that cannot be moved which will showup in the middle of the notepad++ screen,

    nppTbData.uMask = NppTbMsg.DWS_DF_CONT_LEFT | NppTbMsg.DWS_ICONTAB | NppTbMsg.DWS_ICONBAR;

    Win32.SendMessage(PluginBase.nppData._nppHandle, (uint) NppMsg.NPPM_DMMREGASDCKDLG, 0, _ptrNppTbData);

  • @Timothy-Harrington

    no, the reason might be that npp remembers it last location.
    Open the config.xml with an editor other than npp and delete the entry
    of your plugin under GUIConfig name=“DockingManager” section.
    Start npp and open your plugin window and it should dock on the left side.


  • Thanks Claudia…let me try that…I do appreciate it.

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