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  • How do i search for “log” and “quantity” then replace the numbers after it…

    …contents log quantity 76 lastaccessed 2323.00 end

    …contents log quantity 344 lastaccessed 7854.00 end

    Chane the numbers (76, 344) to say (1000) but NOT change anything else (the file has a lot of other info.

  • You know something like
    Log quantity +./k (?=lastaccess)
    Its something like that…but im not sure???

    Log+quantity /k(??=lastaccess)

    Does anyone know about that…or even a different way to change those amounts only…i have other amounts of other things in the file, so it must change logs only nothing else

  • Ok nevermind…i recalled what guy038 said about the subject and figured out what i needed thanks anyway…and if you read this guy038, thanks.

  • Hello Joe,

    If there’s only ONE string log quantity ( or zero, of course ), in each line of your file, with only ONE space, between the two words, I think that two solutions are possible :

    SEARCH = (?<=log quantity ) *\d+ and REPLACE = 1000 with a SPACE, before and after the ending round bracket

    SEARCH = log quantity \K *\d+ and REPLACE = 1000 with a SPACE, after the word quantity and after the syntax \K

    Notes :

    • In the first regex, we look for a possible range of spaces ( *), followed by a non empty range of digits, ONLY IF it is preceded with the string "log quantity "

    • In the second regex, we, first, try to match the string "log quantity " and, due to the \K syntax, the regex engine restart the search process. So, we, finally, looks, as before, for a possible range of spaces ( *), followed by a non empty range of digits


    • Due to the \K syntax or the (?<=log quantity ) look-behind, this S/R does NOT work, if you click, several times, on the Replace button, for step by step replacement

    • You need to us, exclusively, the buttons Replace All or Replace All in All Opened Documents, of the Replace dialog

    Best Regards,


    P.S. :

    If the words log and quantity may be separated by an arbitrary number of spaces, the first regex must NOT be used. Indeed, the syntax (?<=log +quantity ) *\d+ is an invalid regular expression, because the expression log +quantity is NOT a fixed length string, inside a look-behind !

    On the contrary, the regex log +quantity \K *\d+ is a correct regular expression :-))

  • ok I’m getting flagged as spam (not sure why) so I’m going to try to post this…

    thanks guy038
    I need to add in two lines of text
    training 57
    tazertrained true

    after the line:
    BodyArmour StabVest

    and before the line

    do you know how to add in the two last lines
    note: they should be indented

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