bug + question about comment highlighting

  • Hello,

    I tried to define a user-defined language and I discovered a bug : when, in the tab “Comment&Number”, if the option “Force at beginning of line” is checked and the first line of the program starts with the comment line symbol, the line is not coloured as expected, but keeps the default colour.

    The second point is that I try to colour the comments. With the language I use, a comment is either preceded by space then a star or by anything, then a semi-colon then possibly some spaces then a star (actually, semi-colon are similar to new lines).

    Example :
    code ; code
    code ; * comment
    var1 = var2 * 10

    So looking at the help page, I try to manage it with nested comment, but I never found how to manage it.

    Any help will be really appreciated!

  • @Nicolas-

    yes, first one looks like a bug and second one is, afaik, not possible as UDL wouldn’t treat the star a multiplier anymore.
    (well, if var2 * 10 means multiplicative in your language)


  • @Claudia-Frank
    Thank you very much for the answer.
    Yes, the star is both the comment symbol (if at the beginning of a line or after a semi-colon) and the multiplier symbol.

    I also tried to use regexp in the comments definition (using a the ;[\t ]*\* regexp), but it seems that comments definition doesn’t manage regexp. Isn’t it ?


  • @Nicolas-

    Yes, unfortunately regex isn’t working.


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