Is there a setting that displays function hint when I mouse-over the function?

  • Hello Notepad++ forum!

    Question: Is there a setting where Notepad++ will show the function hint when I mouse-over the function?

    There is a setting when you first type a function that gives a hint.

    For example, when I type date_default_timezone_set() and then input the first or left parentheses a popup appears with the following:
    bool date_default_timezone_set (string timezone_identifier)

    That setting is found here:
    Settings -> Auto-Completion -> then check “Function parameters hint on input”

    However, once I move the mouse away from the parentheses the hint popup disappears and won’t re-appear when I place the mouse back at the parentheses.

    Thank you in advance.


    I have got Notepad++ version 6.9.2

  • Did you try removing the parentheses and re-type the left/opening parenthesis?

  • MAPJe71;

    Thanks for responding to my question.

    That would work but I would have to delete the variable enclosed within the parentheses,


    I was trying to work my way around that.

    I suppose I could do this:
    date_default_timezone_set() ($SubjectTimeZone)
    (i.e. put a space between the left parentheses and the function then type a new opening/left parentheses)

    That’s a few extra keyboard stokes but it works.

  • @Pete-Norris,
    Even easier - you can just set a keyboard shortcut to trigger the function parameter hint. It works as long as the cursor is between the parenthesis.
    You can see this in the menus under Edit > Auto Completion > Function Parameters Hint
    Just use the shortcut mapper to create a keyboard shortcut.


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