np++.exe - Application Error in Windows 10

  • Recently upgraded to Windows 10, loaded latest version of notepad++, v6.9.2. Runs fine, but every time I close the Application, I get an application error. Not able to write a particular location in memory.

    The instruction at 0x---- referenced memory at 0x----. The memory could not be written. Click ok to terminate.

    Any suggestions on how to fix this problem? I use notepad almost daily, so the constant failure on exit is a bit annoying.

  • @Mark-Colestock

    do you have plugins installed?
    If so, run npp with the -noPlugin switch to see if a plugin might cause it.


  • Also Mark, you may want to try and run it as Administrator and see if that helps. The only problem doing that is if you try to right click to open a file it will give you an application error: Error in CreateProcess 87

  • @Mark-Colestock Thanks Claudia and Kevin for your suggestions. However neither of these seem to fix the problem. Ran with -noPlugins switch, and still get similar failure. Similarly with running in as Administrator- it continues to fail.

    However one note- running it from taskmanager- seems to make it run normal again without the failure. But it seems inconvenient to bring up taskmanager type in notepad++ just to avoid the error. Let me know if there are other suggestions.

  • @Mark-Colestock81

    sorry for answering so late, just back from vacation.
    Just to be sure you did not use -noPlugins but -noPlugin, did you?
    If you used -noPlugins than it still loaded the plugins.

    But this wouldn’t explain why starting via task manager works.
    Different working directory, hmm, would you mind renaming the
    %APPDATA%\notepad++ directory? I assume you haven’t local conf mode ON (debug view under ? menu)


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