Need help to find different font in same text file through notepad++

  • Hi everyone,

    I have one problem in notepad++. If my text file has different font in text file how can I come to know that? Is there any plugins for that? or anything else? Please help.

    Kapil Kadane

  • Hello kapil kadane,

    Rather easy ! Follow the few steps below :

    • Open Notepad++

    • Select the menu option Settings - Style Configurator…

    • Select Global Styles in the Language panel

    • Select Default Style in the Style panel

    • On the right, in the drop-down list Font name, choose one of the installed fonts, on your system

    • Click on the Save & Close button, in order to valid this new default text font


    • Click on the Cancel button, if you just wanted to see the appearance of the text, with the different fonts selected

    Just beware that there are two main categories of fonts :

    • The monospaced fonts, as Consolas, Courrier New, Source Code Pro,…, which use the same physical length to write a character

    • The proportional fonts, as Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana,…, which adapt the physical length used, to each written character

    To, easily, notice the difference, just insert the four lines, below, in your text. If these four lines have the same length, your present font is a monospaced one. If NOT, you, presently, use a proportional font !


    Best Regards,


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