Edit default assembly language's syntax

  • Hello,

    I was programming in assembly with Notepad++’s assembly language syntax and everything worked fine until I switch from NASM to FASM assemblers.
    The FASM syntax is really close to NASM’s but with some differences that can be edited by adding some directive keywords in the syntax highlighting configuration.

    But there is one thing I cannot edit: number syntax.
    What I am trying to say is that NASM accept numbers syntax like this: 8CFF_0000h but not FASM.
    Instead, FASM uses the syntax: 8CFF’0000h (with a little single quote).
    So, when I enter numbers in Notepad++, it stops highlighting at the single quote and starts a quotation.

    My problem is: the syntax highlighting configuration allows adding keywords but not to edit the way the numbers are written.
    So, I tried to make a user defined language but I do not want to re-configure the whole assembly configuration (because I do not have the time for it and also because I do not know how to do it properly).

    The question I am asking is: Is there a way to import Notepad++’s default assembly language configuration in order to edit the way numbers are written?

    Thank you for helping me !