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  • ok I’m getting flagged as spam (not sure why) so I’m going to try to post this…

    I need to add in two lines of text
    training 57
    tazertrained true

    after the line:
    BodyArmour StabVest

    and before the line

    do you know how to add in the two last lines
    note: they should be indented

  • Hello Joe,

    If I refer, strictly to your picture, it seems that your blank characters are tabulations, of size = 4 and that the text must be added in the split line 191, with indentation. If this is correct I would say, in regular expression search mode :

    SEARCH = \tBodyArmour\t+StabVest\R(?=END)

    REPLACE = $0\tTraining\t\t\t57.06245\r\n\tTazerTrained\t\ttrue\r\n

    Click on the button Replace to add the two lines Training… True, after the selection, or on the Find Next button to search the next group BodyArmour…END

    Notes :

    • The escaped character \t represents a tabulation character

    • The \R syntax stands for any kind of End of Line

    • In replacement, the syntax $0 is the whole searched match, that is to say, the string from the tabulation before BodyArmour to the two End of Line characters, included

    • Note that the key-word END is NOT included in the whole searched match, although it’s a condition, enclosed in a positive look-ahead, that must be verified to get a global positive match !

    • In replacement, the syntax \R is forbidden and you must to change it into \r\n, for Windows files or into \n, for Unix files

    So, from the text :

    	BodyArmour			StabVest

    We get the new text, below :

    	BodyArmour			StabVest
    	Training			57.06245
    	TazerTrained		true

    Just tell me if you would prefer to search and replace, directly, in NOT split lines , as all the lines different from #191

    Best Regards,


  • that’s great…just what I needed. thanks again guy038

  • i misread your response, the blank characters are tabs of size 8…
    (except for the “begin” and “end” lines they are 4.)…every thing else is correct in your interpretation of the picture. (a few lines start at the very first character…the rest of the lines are tabulations of either 4 or 8.

    using the 8 tabulation…what would the search and replace formula look like?


    the file, so you see the whole picture (Notepad++ doc)
    p.s. use the download link that’s on the right…the other is for zip share software.

  • ps the file is safe to download i used several virus programs…
    windows must not like that site…or maybe its just my windows that doesn’t like it, … just click and override the notice to download.

    i have uploaded it to a new site, in case you don’t want to download that one…

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