Notepad ++ crashing, leaving 0 byte file behind (and agitated writer)

  • Since I upgraded to 6.9.2 (minimalist package) Notepad++ crashes often, reducing the text I’m working on to 0 size.
    Using menus I have long time turned on backups - only to see there are no backups! Notepad++ has stopped producing backups some day in 2015. ???
    I have to change config.model.xml manually for backups to work.
    I downgraded to Notepad++ 6.9.1., still, the crashes persist.
    Any advice, please?

  • I would recommand to try uninstall Notepad++, reboot the computer, verify there isn’t any files in all Notepad++'s folders (C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++, and %appdata%\Notepad++) and then reinstall it.

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