adding an user defined Language to "Program Files (x86)..." (not in the roaming profile)

  • Hello everyone.

    I try to add a new user defined language (opsi scripting language) to my Notepad++ 64 bit installation.
    So far I only had success with adding it via “Appdata\Roaming\Notepad++\plugins\APIs” but I found a lot of posts on the internet saying that it is possible to add it into the folder in “C;\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\plugins\APIs” . I tried that in all the ways described, but it didn’t work.

    Because I want to add this language pack to a package which will deploy Notepad++ automatically to the specified PCs, it is not possible to go the “Appdata\Roaming…” route, because the user would have to be logged in for it to take effect.

    I would like to know now if there is a way to add an UserDefinedLang.xml to the APIs folder in the “C:\Program Files(x86)” so Notepad++ does find it and list it as a possible language?

    Best regards

  • I believe you need to install the notepadd++ as PORTABLE. Once you do that than it will look to the working directory for it’s userdefined languages and such. Then, once you have it all set up, you can zip up and ship out that whole directory with all the settings, etc. Hope this helps.