Function parameters hint for custom functions

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    I’m quite new to NPP and I use it mostly for editing PHP files. As I see PHP functions are integrated in NPP and I like “Function parameters hint” very much. I tried to find some help on this forum about creating same functionality for my own functions (I think adding my custom functions to php.xml is not a good idea). Thank you very much for an answer.

  • It is your own copy of php.xml, so why not edit it to add things you find useful?

    The only problem I see with that is you’ll have to be careful not to clobber your version of php.xml if and when you update NPP (don’t use the installer, or, if you do, copy your php.xml file somewhere first so you can restore your customizations after updating).

    I routinely generate a new (updated) c.xml file by parsing many local and open source UEFI header files that are part of my C source code, as well as a few “fixed” files containing keywords that I want to be able to autocomplete.

    One word of caution: if you edit the XML file, you must keep the entries in alphabetical order or keyword/function help may silently fail.

  • Thank you!

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