Function List: I can't get Function List to recognize file extension

  • I know regex, but haven’t even got to that part because I can not get a file extension to be recognized. If I open a *.c file or a *.xml, the function list component displays the root tree node with the file name and any function underneath.

    I can not get a squirrel-lang file, *.nut, to show up in the FunctionList. I tried

    <association ext=".nut" id=“squirrel_function”/>
    <association userDefinedLangName=“squirrel” id=“squirrel_function”/>

    both lines or just the file extension tag, in both the FunctionList.xml in the %Appdata folder and the installation folder. I expect that even if my regex doesn’t work that the FunctionList will recognize the file extension and put the root tree node with the file name into the Function List component.

    Is that not the case?

  • @Tim-Wright

    I would have expected this to be a one liner

    <association ext=".nut" userDefinedLangName="squirrel" id="squirrel_function"/>

    and once defined in functionlist.xml did you restart npp?
    The above seems to work.


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