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  • Someone recommended Notepad++ to me, and I am trying it. I like the UI. But… I had a HUGE amount of difficulty in something I was trying to accomplish, because it appears that–different from all other Windows programs–Notepad++ doesn’t tell you when you exit that you haven’t saved your file and offer to save it. I thought maybe my change hadn’t been saved, over and over, multiple problems–and I’d open up the file in Notepad++ again, and my changes were there. So… only today, after uninstalling software, and stepping back hours of work, and trying again–I discover that Notepad++ can’t be relied on to show me the current version of a file when I open it with the filename! It can show me a cached version, with changes I made, but which hadn’t been saved. These behaviors are so disconcerting to me, I’m at a loss. Is it just learning to cope with this very non-standard text editor behavior. Or might there be a preference (I looked and didn’t see) which I could set to make these behaviors more what I would expect?–which is warning and allowing to save a file when exiting the program; always opening the current version of a file when opening with a filename on the command line (or opening the file with File Open). Advice would be most appreciated.

  • Although I understand some people find this feature useful, it is always the first thing I disable with a fresh install of Notepad++ (I like knowing what is actually on the harddrive ;)).

    Settings > Preferences > Backup and uncheck Enable session snapshot and periodic backup

  • Wow, thanks for the info! That works! How does anyone ever figure that out? I would think that default setting would be a deal-breaker for most. I’m glad there’s a way–if totally obscure–to fix it–but at this point I don’t think I could ever recommend Notepad++ to anyone, including myself. And I really appreciate your responding.

  • It might be a bit unfair to “not recommend” a program because you don’t like one of its many features, especially when that one behavior is configurable.

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