file does not exist anymore - close all tabs ?

  • Hi,

    I searched on the web but did not find any answer to this one :

    The way I work on sources, moving whole directories, I often open a bunch of files with N++, edit them, save them and then move the whole directory somewhere else.

    Most of the time, I forgot to close the files in N++, so when I come back in N++ I got
    “file does not exist anymore, do you want to keep in in editor ?”. And I have to click NO repetedly…


    • is there a way to automatically close this non existing files ? (note that I would like to keep the settings “file status autodetection”)
    • is there a way to say “NO to all” ?
    • would it be possible to integrate a “NO to all” button ?

    thanks for your help.

    • if no, could

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