Basic question: What wildcard characters can be used in find & replace, and what do the characters represent?

  • Apologies for the newbie question: What are the various wildcard characters that can be used in find & replace, and what do they represent?

    For example, if I want to replace a comma with a space in all instances where the comma is in between 2 numbers, how do I do that?

    Thank you for your time and guidance!

  • Hi,
    there are none :)

    If you want to perform this kind of replacement, you will need to learn regular expressions (a.k.a. regexp).

    There are dozens of tutorial on the net, e.g. here:

    I should warn you though, that regexp are like women: powerful, mysterious and unforgiving :)
    And they usually don’t behave the way you expect.
    But don’t be discouraged. It is a great tool, if used properly. In my work, where I deal a lot with a plaintext processing, I would be lost without them

    Anyway, answer to your particular question about space between two numbers is
    with regexp search mode:
    \1 \2

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