file only opens in code and not sentences any more, why?

  • Hi
    I’ve downloaded notepad++ and when I open a file in it, it is just showing code in black and white; n2Ö)Ï¢tðè¯>B­çŠôAõú;¥ {ÙøÜ»]u«E¿> JÙÃÒßÈ’ zÑ %€˜Œ@ ¢òðǬâ

    I can’t understand it at all, I want it to show the lines of the code as text words etc and in colours like it did before, but how do I get it to do that.

    Can anyone help, I’ve tried different languages from the drop down menu but I can’t get it to read like it use to do, eg; readable lines of words in sentences.

    Many thanks

  • Hi Penny,
    I’m afraid that without either an example of that file, or more information, noone will be able to help you.
    What kind of file are you opening? What kind of data is it suppose to contain? What language is the file written in? Is it the problem with all files, or just this one? In what editor did you open it in past? Can other plaintext editors (like normal win notepad) open it?

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