how to change research list

  • CTRL+F to open “Searching”
    inside i can click on flash to see 10 last searches.
    How can i change this to have history for 99 last searches ?

  • Hello, Eric,

    You should have a look to the Config.xml file of your N++ configuration :

    Depending on your initial N++ installation ( With the installer OR from a ZIP or 7Z archive ), it may be located :

    • In the same folder as Notepad++ .exe, in case of local installation

    • In case of classic installation, with the installer, you probably find it :

      • In %AppData%\Roaming\Notepad++, for a W7, W8 or W10 configuration

      • In %AppData%\Notepad++, for a XP or Vista configuration

    Then :

    • Close any instance of Notepad++

    • Open your Config.xml file, with an OTHER editor than N++

    • Near the end of this file, you’ll notice the <FindHistory> section

    As for me, presently, it contains the following lines :

    <!-- The History of opened files list -->
    <FindHistory nbMaxFindHistoryPath="10" nbMaxFindHistoryFilter="10" nbMaxFindHistoryFind="10" nbMaxFindHistoryReplace="10" matchWord="no" matchCase="yes" wrap="no" directionDown="yes" fifRecuisive="yes" fifInHiddenFolder="no" dlgAlwaysVisible="no" fifFilterFollowsDoc="no" fifFolderFollowsDoc="no" searchMode="2" transparencyMode="1" transparency="128" dotMatchesNewline="yes">
        <Path name="C:\_692" />
        <Filter name="*.txt" />
        <Find name="(?-s)^(.*?,){15}\h*\K[^,\r\n]+" />
        <Find name="(?-s)^(.*?,){15}\h*\K[^,]+" />
        <Find name="(?-s)^(.*?,){13}\h*\K[^,]+" />
        <Find name="(?-s)^(.*?,){13}\h*\K[^,\r\n]+" />
        <Find name="(?-s)^(.*?,){0}\h*\K[^,\r\n]+" />
        <Find name="(?-s)^(.*?,){3}\h*\K[^,\r\n]+" />
        <Find name="(?-s)^(.*?,){12}\h*\K[^,\r\n]+" />
        <Find name="(?-s)^(.*?,){6}\h*\K[^,\r\n]+" />
        <Find name="(?-s)^(.*?,){4}\h*\K[^,\r\n]+" />
        <Find name="(?-s)^(.*?,){4}\h*\K[^\h,\r\n]+" />
        <Replace name="(?1:#\r\n)" />
        <Replace name="(?1:#)" />
        <Replace name="1234" />
        <Replace name="   \1  |" />
        <Replace name="   \d  |" />
        <Replace name=" \1" />
        <Replace name="  \1" />
        <Replace name="                              " />
        <Replace name="          " />
        <Replace name="\t\t\t" />
    • Finally, change the number 10 in the first line, after the comment, for the nbMaxFindHistoryFind value :-))

    I’ve never tested, with other number than 10, myself, but this should work, anyway !

    Best Regards,


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