XML Tools plugin - request

  • Hello,

    This thread is actually a request to the XML Tools plugin author.

    Let me start by saying “Thank You” for the great plugin - it is really helpful to me when I get to dealing with XML files.
    There’s nothing wrong with the plugin’s functionality but I’m facing a slight inconvenience when installing/re-installing Notepad++ so I would be glad if you consider the following request.

    I’m usually keeping all my plugins and their configurations together with N++ config files so when I re-install N++ I simply copy all plugins and config files to the new installation and I’m ready to go.
    The inconvenience with XML Tools comes from the fact that all its helper DLL files and its config are stored in the main N++ folder so it kind-of “messes-up” the original N++ folder structure.
    So my request is if you could make the plugin store its config file to N++'s usual plugins config folder and make there a XML Tools sub-folder containing all plugin’s helper DLL files. This will leave main N++ folder clean and tidy and make the plugin installation/removal easier.

    Thank you.

  • Just to clarify:

    Make plugin’s config location be:


    Put all plugin’s helper DLLs and use them from:


    The plugin’s main DLL is:


    Thank you.

  • Added a Pull Request to XML Tools plugin repository.

  • Great @MAPJe71 , thanks.

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