String before symbol formatted in my User Defined Language UDL

  • What I am trying to do I think is simple. I want to have properties in my language a different color from the standard text. Properties are defined as this

    That is any text followed by a colon then usually a space but it doesn’t have to be. Examples are

    This is similar to what the standard PowerShell style does when N++ is installed except backwards. Its bold anything after the dollar sign $ANYVARIABLENAME

    Even when you use the dot(.) the bold stops.

    Can someone tell me how to implement these within my UDL?

  • @Eli-Chavez

    how is the property glued to the object?
    I’m thinking of using these “glue”-chars as delimiters.


  • Not sure i know exactly what you mean by glued? That might be another thing about UDLs i dont understand. however the structure is as follows

    Object {
        property1: value 1
        property2: value2
        InnerObject {
            Innerproperty1: innervalue1
        property3: value3

  • Looks a lot like JSON.

  • @Eli-Chavez

    I thought we are talking about object oriented programming/scripting language which do
    have syntax like or object->function etc.

    I think, the closest would be something like

    and set nesting to delimiter1, delimiter2 and keywords… (I assume you have keywords defined)

    and set nesting to delimiter1 and keywords.

    Not exactly what you want but I assume closest possible.


  • So the language is QML. I am very new to QML and have been required by my new job to look into it. I found a few QML UDLs already defined but they dont have anything styled specific for the properties. What i am looking for is very simple id like to define something that allows any text or number sequence before a colon gets bolded and a specific color.

    In some languages i see this to some degree. In my original post i mention powershell. in that language when you type the dollar sign it automatically bolds it and then any combination of text and numbers that follow. I am looking for something very specific to that.

    This may seem simple but i have not been able to get it done, and i would greatly benefit from implementing this in my QML ventures.

  • @Eli-Chavez

    builtin lexers, lexers provided by plugins and UDL are different,
    because they are developed by different programmers. A functionality
    of one lexer doesn’t indicate it is available in another lexer.
    It looks like your request cannot be solved by UDL completely.


  • Okay thanks, I figured it wasnt going to work out but i thought id ask.

  • @Eli-Chavez

    …but i thought id ask.

    always welcome.


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