How can I change the size of the font used when printing?

  • Hello,
    is there a way to change the size of the font used when printing? I’m desperately trying to make the content of my screen (which is very large horizontally) fit in one page, but I can’t find a way to do so…

  • Hello,

    • If the horizontal line length exceeds the visible area, you can wrap the text in the window size and it should affect printed file too: in the menu select, View>Word wrap.
    • Or you can change global document font style: in menu: Settings>Style Configurator…:
      (it affects the current theme), in left pane: Language: choose global Styles , Style: Global override ; then in right pane: in “Font Style” section: choose preferred font size. then select check mark next to “Enable global font size” to apply changes immediately.
    • It’s also possible to change Header and Footer properties for printing: in menu: Settings>Preferences: Print

  • It worked fine! Thanks!

  • That’s a useful information for me too, but I also spent much time to find out the option to adjust the font size several times. I hope Notepad++ adds a direct option inside either Edit or View or an icon in tool bar so that the users can use it easily/promptly like other software. Other than that, I am always happy with utilizing this excellent program.

  • Hello Frédéric, Thunder T, Heejoo Ham and All,

    You should have a look to the valuable post of ItzBobWright, one year ago, about the printing font size problem, described in the first part :-)) Refer to the link, below :

    The second part, relative to a way of updating a configuration file, in the %AppData% folder, may, also, be useful !



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