[Feature request] Make it possible to Enable/Disable plugins in Plugin Manager

  • Plugins are sometimes the culprit for Notepad++ crash. It would be useful to implement a feature to disable and enable plugins in Plugin Manager dialog box temporarily.
    A button can be added to Plugin Manager dialog under “Installed” plugins section in order to disable/enable selected items without the need to remove them permanently.

  • A way to do this already exists. See the -noPlugins option here: http://docs.notepad-plus-plus.org/index.php/Command_Line_Switches

  • im sure they meant individual plugins. it would be a great feature. this way you can turn them on one by one instead of having to disable them all. that is a great feature for advanced users. you could uncheck an installed plugin and click a disable button. vote +1 for implementing.

  • The Plugin Manager doesn’t load them though (the Notepad++ native code does). You would need something in the ‘Plugins’ dropdown to exclude a specific plugin and then restart Notepad++ (or optionally be able to manually unload a plugin after it has been loaded).

    You can achieve the same effect by just changing the file extension from “.dll” to something else, like “.xdll” and Notepad won’t find the file to load it. Then just rename it back to “.dll” when you are done.

  • Thanks for your reply. I thought that it’s not easy to implement this feature; I thought of sending this post after I’ve installed several plugins (mostly old) and Notepad++ crashed the next time I launched it and I couldn’t figure out which plugin caused the crash. though I solved the problem later.

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