[Plugin Update] Elastic Tabstops v1.0.3

  • I have created a new plugin that implements Nick Gravgaard’s Elastic Tabstops. This stretches tabs and aligns adjacent lines.


    A visual representation looks like this…


    This can also be applied to TSV files.

    This is a first release so it’s possible there are still bugs. As always feedback/comments are welcome.

    Soure code and DLL is hosted on github.

  • A new release of Elastic Tabstops is available.

    The algorithm has been partially rewritten which provides overall performance enhancements and also significant performance increase under certain cases.

  • cool demo!

  • I can’t take credit for that demo. I got that from main website for elastic tabstops. However, in the debug builds of my plugin I do something similar (which has helped me solve a lot of bugs :))


  • Hi, I love your plugin, really handy!
    Do you plan to do a release for x64 version?

  • @greenzest

    Yes, I do plan on 64-bit support eventually. It is not really a top priority since there are currently no good distribution mechanisms for 64-bit plugins.

  • @dail

    So I’m intrigued by this idea of “elastic tabstops”, so I downloaded and installed the plug-in. Maybe I’m dense but I don’t see how to make it do anything…should it be obvious or is there a simple tutorial I can be pointed to ? Thanks.

  • @Alan-Kilborn said:

    If you want more info about elastic tabstops see this website which is the main person that created the idea of elastic tabstops. This plugin just implements the algorithm to do it.

    In most “normal” code you won’t see much of difference. In the images I’ve posted you can see some of the tabs appear longer which helps line up things like the comments. Without elastic tabstops then you’d need a different number of spaces and/or tabs so they lined up.

    Another example is a tab delimited file where it makes columns appear to line up instead of manually messing with spacing if one column needs to be wider:

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