PHP autocompletion plugin

  • Somebody can help me with this problem? :
    Installation of “PHP Autocompletion” plugin fails because the integrity of ccc.dll

  • @Julio-Babboni

    this is just some kind of warning that the dll within the package hasn’t the same checksum as the one
    known by plugin manager. If you accept that, installation will take place.


  • Sorry, that this warning message still appears. I don’t really know why this happens, since the hash for the update files is correct. It might be because the Plugin Manager plugin (of Dave Brotherstone) hasn’t updated the old hash. It’s plugin list is updated only rarely. So I think I will at least integrate my own update function into all of my plugins, so they can be updated independently in the future.

    Like Claudia said, you can ignore the warning. Version 1.4.1 is currently the actual version. You can directly download it from the following like, if you want:

  • I fixed the verification problem of the file ccc.dll of the PHP autocompletion plugin. The plugin version was not changed, so there will be no update notification. If the “bleeding edge” update channel is used (Plugin Manager v1.4.1 and above), then the installation works already now. In the normal update channel the warning might still appear for the next 2 weeks or so, until the list is updated.

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