Changing keyboard shortcuts

  • I wanted to change shorcut keybind for Del Line Left, Del Line Right from default Ctrl + Shift + BackSpace, Ctrl + Shift + Delete
    Shift + Backspace, Shift + delete
    it didn’t let me do do it for BackSpace one. It did let me for Delete one.
    But second one didn’t work in praxis.

    Please help

  • someone reply please

  • Hello John,

    Unfortunately, I was able to get the behaviour you would like to, for the Backspace key, exclusively. I haven’t find a way to do the same trick, for the Delete key, yet :-((

    So, insert the two lines, below, inside the <ScintillaKeys>.......</ScintillaKeys> node, of the Shortcuts.xml configuration file

        <ScintKey ScintID="2326" menuCmdID="0" Ctrl="no" Alt="no" Shift="no" Key="8" />
        <ScintKey ScintID="2395" menuCmdID="0" Ctrl="no" Alt="no" Shift="yes" Key="8" />

    This section describes all the non-default keyboard shortcuts, used in Notepad++ and is, generally, empty, if you just use N++, for the first times !


    • You MUST edit the Shortcuts.xml file, and save the changes, with an OTHER editor than N++ !!

    • The Shortcuts.xml file is, generally, located :

      • In the same directory than Notepad++.exe, in case of a local installation

      • In the %AppData%\Roaming\Notepad++ folder, in case of installation with the installer, if your system is W7, W8 or W10

      • In the %AppData%\Notepad++ folder, in case of installation with the installer, if your system is XP, or W95

    Notes :

    • The 2326 number represents the SCI_DELETEBACK function

    • The 2395 number represents the SCI_DELLINELEFT function

    • The key number 8 refers to the classical Backspace key

    Best Regards,


    P.S. :

    To get, again, the default shortcut for the DELLINELEFT function, which is Ctrl + Shift + Backspace, just delete the two lines, above, from the <ScintillaKeys> section, in the Shortcuts.xml file

  • No. Let me summarize again:

    • that keyboard shortcuts are in last tab of Shortcut Mapper - Scintilla commands.
    • in this tab, when you want change anything, you have to press Apply button to get accepted changes
    • but it did not allow me to do it with backspace. Apply icon went grey - not clickable.
    • it did let me do change for delete, but it does not work in real editing. It’s changed succesfully, but not work.

    So both things are not useable: shift + backspace for Del Line Left and shift + del for Del Line Right

    Can be this pushed as an issue in github page ? Can you please post it ? I can’t because everybody started ignore all my posts, because they are mad on me because I told truth that they are all stupid. Because long months and months I was suggesting very very good new features or fixes of old ones, but they ignored it and didn’t see them so important as I see. Also they did nothing with it to help convince Don Ho or some skilled c/c++ dev to make those changes become real.
    This bad experience with np++ community is one of my worst life failures, because I still didn’t start learn programming just because of NP++ in current flustrating stage of unfinished crap.
    One cannot normally program in it without getting angry or flustrated in imagination how better it would be when my features will be made. I really can’'t understand in what dev tool are other people programming. Probably in default windows notepad…
    I’m very very sad about this people. Everything is huge disappointment for me. I lost motivation to do anything with programming and I started to drink alcohol to not think about it.

  • I edited it manually according to my needs.
    See that shortcut mapper sees it correctly from file:
    But NP++ is not working those actions in praxis: DeleteLineLeft as Shift + Backspace and DeleteLineRight as Shift + Delete.
    Here is correct keys for keyboards:
    8 = backspace
    46 = delete

    2335 = del word left
    2336 = del word right

    2395 = del line left
    2396 = del line right

    That’s why it should be pushed as an error issue !!! Why this shit has been found just now after years of using, not fair

  • how this settings works in anyone other’s NP++ instance ?

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