Have a file (120 lines) with a date (2016-08-18) in line 72. I need to write a macro/script to open the file daily at 00h01and update that date value to dynamic "today"

  • I have a file consisting of about 100 lines, so it is small.
    In the file is a date field in the format: (CCYY-MM-DD) after the characters “iso” - the only ISO in the file!
    I would like to run a script just after midnight to update this date value to show today’s date.

    Is there anybody that could help me to;

    1. Understand what the bat file would look like to call the script (UpdateDate.bat)
    2. What is in the script to start the Macro (Macro1)
    3. Please include this save and exit portion in the macro so I can close the program elegantly as well.

    I know how to schedule the bat file to run at a specific time, but the rest is still clouded. I have no idea what the function is to call @today

    Your help will be greatly appreciated.

    Kind Regards


  • A DOS script master could probably do this with only shell commands in the batch file, but it is likely done easier by invoking some scripting language like AWK, PERL, or Python. It might even be possible using NPP, but I wouldn’t try to do it that way.

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