Problems loading Scintilla Library

  • Hi, im very new in developing Notepad++ plugins. Maybee somebody could help me becoming debugging Notepad++ and my plugin.

    I followed the instructions on Downloaded the sources, building Notepad++ with VS2015, building Scintilla without boost, copying Scintilla dlls to output folder of my Notepad++ build, starting debugging over VS2015 and … got an exception "ScintillaEditView::init : SCINTILLA ERROR - Can not load the dynamic library.

    My first thought was: “Oh, i did something wrong with configurations of the vsproject.” So i built a release version of Notepad++ and Scintilla and copied the dll next to the notepad++.exe, started the application and… got the same exception.

    Is somebody out there, who can give an advice to an absolute novice? :-)

  • Something to keep in mind first of all is that if you just want to debug your own plugin’s code it is not necessary to build Notepad++ yourself. What I do for my plugins is create a post-build event that copies my DLL into the Notepad++ directory and then runs the notepad++.exe as the application for debugging. I can then step through my code, etc.

    In theory as long as the SciLexer.dll is next to notepad++.exe then it should work. The only thing I’d suggest is make sure you build them the same, e.g. 32bit/64bit/release/debug but it sounds like you are aware of the differences. I’ve always just stuck to 32bit without boost and haven’t had issues. If it is something specific to 64bit the maybe someone else can suggest some things to try.

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