Auto completion for parameter/option

  • Hi,

    Is there any way to auto complete parameter in option style? I’m using a user-defined language, the syntax is similiar to Tcl, so I use Tcl to illustrate, for example, a Tcl command:
    return -code <code> -errorinfo <info> -errorcode <code>

    ‘-code’, ‘-errorinfo’ and ‘-errorcode’ are options, kinda like paramter, what I want is after I type ‘return’, maybe followed by a space or other character like (, NP++ can present ‘-code’, ‘-errorinfo’ and ‘-errorcode’ that are selective in a list.

    I tried to define the three options as keywords, which can make them selective, but that also make the three options same level as real function names, because function names are keywords too, and I only want the options to be listed after I type ‘return’.

    Is this can be implemented by defining an xml file under APIs/? If not, is there any plugin to implement this or similar to what I want to implement, I can learn to write my own version.


  • @password636

    yes, you could create a xml with the name of your udl to do the job.


  • @Claudia-Frank
    Could you please share any example .xml files?


  • @password636
    There are bunch of them in the plugins\APIs directory. Check out rc.xml.

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