Basic question about Notepad++ sessions

  • I have a session.npp file placed inside every one of my projects. When I double click one of these session files, all the files included in that session (including bookmarks, etc) will open in the editor. In other words, I have a different session for each of my projects - that’s trivial. However, I want these session files to be automatically updated every time I modify/save one of it’s files (because to manually save the session every time is annoying). And the modifications should be saved in that particular session.npp file, not in a global one.
    This seems somewhat obvious, but I couldn’t´t figure it out. Is there any way I can achieve this?

  • I don’t think you can do it with the built-in sessions. I use the Session Manager plug-in which does allow you to configure it to auto save each session.

  • Not much luck with SessionMgr.
    I use Notepad++ along with AutoHotkey. So, my final goal is to get one keyboard shortcut (hotkey) for each of my most commonly used sessions.
    Is there an easy way I can launch Notepad++ directly on a specific session (form the command line)?

  • @Mário-Kliemann

    ? menu->Command line arguments…

    parameter in question = -openSession

    E.g. notepad++.exe -openSession C:\npp.session

    In addition, I’m not 100% sure to understand what your original question is.


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