A kind of bug in the remplacement by the Utf-8 character à with Ctrl-F ?

  • Hello,
    Using à to remplace à in serial remplacements, it changes À too, making no difference between the two characters, so I have to look one by one.
    Thanks anyway for Notepad2, such a good daily editor for me !

  • Addenda to the first message, to make it clear : I had typed “&#224…” for à “&agrave…” and “&Agrave…” for A with accent grave. Changing &agrave… by &#224… changes unwillingly also &Agrave… too as an &agrave… Sure, it’ not a bug really, but it should need to be fixed. Thanks anyway.

  • @Marc-Ohana
    What happens if you uncheck the “Match case” checkbox in Search&Replace?

  • @gerdb42 The result is exactly the same using the “search” or the “replace” case (if it’s the reply to the question ?)

  • @Marc-Ohana
    No, I was referring to the checkbox on the left of the Search Dialog which is labeled “Match case” (if your UI language is set to “English”). Does checking/unchecking that make any difference?

  • @gerdb42 As I use Notepad2 in french, in the search box (opened for replacement, on the left , what I expect “match case” to be in french is “respecter la casse” . And if on, it makes quite a difference : no more problem. Sorry for my post . Notepad2 is better even than I thought . What I did not realize is that “match case” was applying also inside the writing of utf-8 characters. Thanks for the help!

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