[Feature Request] Integrated shortcut for inserting Time/Date without TextFX plugin

  • First of all, I love Notepad++ and use it on a daily basis - so big thank you for all of you who brought Notepad++ to us, users! However recently I have came across that simple MS Notepad (who knew!?) has integrated feature for inserting current Time/Date, which even has own shortcut F5.
    After some further investigation I came across that we can install TextFX plugin and by setting our own shortcut - do the same trick.
    But as I believe, for Notepad++ development team this should be something fairly easy to develop and integrate within feature releases of Notepad++!
    Already, started counting days for that release…

    Your software user, Tomas

  • IMO, it is really a stretch to think (or hope) that functionality, once embedded in a (popular) plug-in, will ever go “native”/“integrated”. There are just too many other things that the mainline developers want to get accomplished; they don’t want to spend the time to reinvent the wheel.

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