New Strings in Notepad++ 7

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    A lot of new Strings have been added:

    Line 34: <Item subMenuId=“edit-onSelection” name=“On Selection”/>

    Line 91: <Item id=“41022” name=“Open Folder as &Workspace”/>

    Line 118 to 127:
    <Item id=“42067” name=“Title Case”/>
    <Item id=“42068” name=“Title Case (blend)”/>
    <Item id=“42069” name=“Sentence case”/>
    <Item id=“42070” name=“Sentence case (blend)”/>
    <Item id=“42071” name=“iNVERT cASE”/>
    <Item id=“42072” name=“ranDOm CasE”/>
    <Item id=“42073” name=“Open File”/>
    <Item id=“42074” name=“Open Containing Folder in Explorer”/>
    <Item id=“42075” name=“Search on Internet”/>
    <Item id=“42076” name=“Change Search Engine…”/>

    Line 232: <Item id=“44085” name=“Folder as &Workspace”/>

    line 244 to 246:
    <Item id=“44097” name=“Monitoring (tail -f)”/>
    <Item id=“44098” name=“Move Tab Forward”/>
    <Item id=“44099” name=“Move Tab Backward”/>

    Line 299:
    <Item id=“47012” name=“Debug Info…”/>

    Line 681 and 682:
    <Item id=“6235” name=“No edge”/>
    <Item id=“6236” name=“Enable scrolling beyond last line”/>

    Line 705: <Item id=“6430” name=“Use new style save dialog (without file extension feature)”/>

    Line 823 to 832:
    <SearchEngine title=“Search Engine”>
    <Item id=“6271” name=“Search Engine (for command “Search on Internet”)”/>
    <Item id=“6272” name=“DuckDuckGo”/>
    <Item id=“6273” name=“Google”/>
    <Item id=“6274” name=“Bing”/>
    <Item id=“6275” name=“Yahoo!”/>
    <Item id=“6276” name=“Set your search engine here:”/>
    <!-- Don’t change anything after Example: -->
    <Item id=“6278” name=“Example:$(CURRENT_WORD)”/>

    Line 856: <Item id=“6337” name=“Workspace file ext.:”/>

    Line 907: <FilePathNotFoundWarning title=“File Open” message=“The file you’re trying to open doesn’t exist.”/>

  • Here you can find all the new Strings for Notepad++ Version 7

  • Version 7.5
    New lines:
    <Item id=“41023” name=“Open in Default Viewer”/>
    <Item CMID=“21” name=“Open in Default Viewer”/>
    <Item id=“1722” name=“Backward direction”/>

    <Item id=“46080” name=“User-Defined”/> — must be 46180
    <Item id=“46150” name=“Define your language…”/> — must be 46250

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