How to change the icon?

  • So the icon for Notepad++ in my taskbar is the green notepad with the pencil. However on my desktop icon (and on all my .txt files after selecting Notepad++ as my default editor), it shows the green notepad with a chameleon. How can I change it so that it’s always the green notepad with the pencil (the one that shows in my taskbar)? I know this isn’t a very important question, but I just don’t like the chameleon on all my .txt files. I’d prefer to have the more basic appearance.

  • Forgive this bump, but I can’t edit my OP…
    I can see that it shows the icon I want when I choose to view files as “content,” “details,” “list,” or “small icons,” but get the icon I want to change from when I view “tiles,” “medium icons,” “large icons,” or “extra large icons.”
    Whenever I right click the shortcut, view properties, and click “change icon,” it shows the icon I want as already selected but the shortcut is still the chameleon on the notepad… I pressed F5 to refresh my desktop, but nothing changed.
    I’m using Windows 8.1 (I figured that would be helpful to know).

  • @Malaclypse

    I don’t have windows 8.1 but what if you delete the shortcut in the taskbar and
    recreate it by using the one on the desktop (right click->pin on taskbar)??