Modifying police size

  • Hello,
    I use Notepad ++ 6.9.2 to create JavaScript scripts. The police size of this release changed from the previous one and I would like to reduce it.
    I have not found a way to do it.
    Is this setting has become impossible ? if not, how to proceed.
    Thank you in advance for your help.

  • Hello Yvon Plancade,

    I think there’s an easy solution :

    • Select the Settings - Style configurator… option

    • Select your language, in the left part of the dialog. It should be JavaScript or JavaScript (embedded), if inside HTML files

    • You’ll probably need to select all the styles, one at a time, and change, in the right part of the dialog, the default blank font size, into a smaller size than the default ( it cannot be < 5 ! )

    • Click on the Save & Close button to backup all the font size changes

    Best Regards,


  • police size

    Could someone explain what is ment?

  • Hi MAPJe71,

    From his name, I suppose that Yvon Plancade could be a French man.

    And, in French, the correct word, for the English word font, is just “Police de caractères” :-))



  • Thanks!

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