Both sides of Tag in notepad++

  • Hello. I had a question about Notepad ++. how can we change both tag side of HTML codes at the same time? Is it possible? for instance, how can I change

    **<div class=“phonetic”>hello</div>
    **<font color=“red”>hello</font> ??
    I want to keep the main text but change the tags of both sides at the same time with Regex or other ways in Notepad++.

    thanks for helping.

  • Hi Dolan,
    This regex find/replace works for your example.
    <div class=“phonetic”>(.*?)</div>
    Replace with:
    <font color=“red”>\1</font>

    The \1 is the contents of the () in the find.
    Watch out for the quotes, the bulletin board software likes to put in fancy-schmancy quotes in place of regular quotes.

    HTH, good luck.

  • Thank you.

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