Notepad++ 6.9.2 keeps crashing consistently

  • It crashes consistently
    Keeps discarding all my codes over time - but luckily - i use the auto save function which i set to every 2 seconds thus find the backup file and restore it to a point. At this point, i am thinking of looking for another powerful editor as notepad and even better in terms of this bug. It keeps hanging especially when i copy lines of codes from another source to paste it in my already created codes. It has so far been closing for over 40 times. I may try installing an older version to perhaps be safe from this bug. I hope it is fixed. Notepad++ is fantastic nevertheless. I wish i knew how they kinda managed it. Thanks and i hope it is fixed on time in the new version to come.

  • Instead of just “stating” it has been crashing and providing no useful information, try opening a bug report, or follow these steps, or provide enough information for someone to actually investigate.

  • cheers mate… however i wish i could upload a picture to show a screenshot of what i actually mean… I’ve somewhat started migrating to sublime text editor… though i still think Notepad++ is the best…at least to a point…

  • What are your debug info ? It’s important for us in order to help you.
    Try to do a fresh install. You may have a bugged in your configuration file (in the config.xml)

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