See all files in save dialog

  • When using Save As, the save dialog only shows files with certain file extensions, which causes me trouble, so usually I simply enter a * character and press enter. This causes the save dialog to show all files.

    But this no longer works in Notepad++ for some reason. (It still works in other applications.) So now I have to fiddle around with the mouse to find “All files .” in the drop-down, which is quite a bother, especially because this choice isn’t remembered.

    Is there another way to always have it show all files in the Save dialog?

  • If you don’t mind tripling the amount of typing, entering this in the “File name:” box and pressing Enter seems to achieve what you want:

    It’s really just the “All types” mask, but quicker than choosing “All types (*.*)” from the dropdown.

    Cheezy solution, I know…but I use it myself, rather often. :)

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