New to notepad and html; work won't show up in browsers

  • I am in an MLIS program and my web class requires I create a single webpage using Notepad. This page is basically a few images, the content of the poem “the pasture” and a table at the bottom. It’s to see if we can understand html. We have to use certain fonts, sizes, etc. I had my html all set up and it was previewing on my browser correctly. However once I added the information needed to edit the fonts my top image disappeared. I went back to the notepad and removed the font coding to see if it would go back to showing the image as well as the rest of the page properly when opened in the browser (used Chrome and Firefox and IE to test). Now none of my text shows and only one image. I’m not sure what to do to troubleshoot this. I didn’t change any of the coding for anything on the page, just added some in, it didn’t work, so I removed it. I don’t understand how its all basically “disappeared.”

  • This forum is about Notepad++ (Notepad-Plus-Plus). Despite the similarities in name and both are Text-Editors, it is not related to the Windows-Accessory Notepad.

    You may download and install NPP from the homepage, it’s free and will help you write correct HTML.

    In HTML you may easily break things just by little typos. Look at the following: <h1 This should be a heading</h1>. Notice the missing ‘>’ at the opening tag? It will prevent the heading from being displayed at all. So if you removed a little bit too much, it may break the whole thing.

    In modern browsers if you hit F12, they will show a view of the HTML that will help you understand how the browser interprets the file. This may also give hints about what went wrong.

  • Thank you very much for your reply! I was able to sort out my issues.

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